Rachael is an avid knitter and a life-long Batman fan. Her only formal training in the arts comes from attending Harrison High School of the Visual and Performing Arts in Lakeland, Florida. Other than that, she developed her drawing skills by getting critiques at conventions, making friends in the comic book business, studying from books, and going to life-drawing sessions. Growing up, she always wanted to work in super hero comics; however, when Rachael reached the age of 21, she decided she wanted to spend her time working on creator-owned projects. She has previously worked for companies, such as Flat World Knowledge, penciling and inking text book graphic novels about things like business and freshmen orientation. She currently lives in Olympia with her Husband, Josh, and their two cats. She works from home drawing children books. When Rachael isn’t drawing she enjoys knitting, spinning, cooking, painting, playing video games, or playing the piano. She is still always learning and trying to find ways to better her craft.

Of all the many different things Joshua Anderson has been called, “author” is one of them. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he first entered the writing world as an aspiring newspaper cartoonist, before the bottom completely fell out of the newspaper industry. From there he created his first webcomic, Man In A Box before moving on to direct a feature film and follow that up with another strip, Game U. This award winning (“Funniest Costume,” a 2009 Halloween Party) writer is the co-creator/writer of Worsted for Wear, a comic strip about knitting, along with his wife Rachael Anderson. He also writes books, like Nerd Prom and Bladequest. He currently resides in Olympia, and hates writing about himself.