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Worsted For Wear is a webcomic about a knitting group and their adventures in knitting, crocheting, spinning, and more. Our main character, Camden, is an obsessive knitter living with her roommate, JoAnn, and her cat, Zimmer, in a small cramped apartment.

With her friends, Camden attends a knitting group led by a married mother of two named Adele. In learning new knitting techniques and trying other fiber-related crafts, Camden meets new friends, finds ways to deal with everyday stress, and finally figures out what she wants to do with her life.


An obsessive knitter who managed to ensnare her friends in the hobby, Cam is a somewhat adrift young woman who occasionally lets her stubbornness get the better of her.


Cam’s roommate and fashion design student, Joann tends to be the more stoic and sarcastic of the pair. She’s a member of a crochet group, which annoys Cam to no end.


Essentially: a bundle of sweetness. Ellie is a schoolteacher with a weakness for all things adorable. She’s Cam’s best friend, and is often the complimentary honey to Cam’s vinegar-esque personality.


When you’re a stay-at-home mother of three, time is at a premium. Somehow, Adele manages to keep up with her little ones and still enjoy knitting, despite a chronic case of startitis.


Though sadly allergic to wool, Penny never let that stop her from being a knitter. She even runs a web show called “Fit to Knit,” which combines her newfound love of both crafts and fitness.


Ellie’s husband, Graham, is a computer programmer who loves videogames and cooking. For a while though, he harbored a dark secret: he was part of an all-guy knitting group. But then everyone found out and was cool about it.


As a horror movie fan, Marie’s love of crocheting is partially inspired by her love of making creepy amiguri dolls. When not subjecting her friends to scary flicks, she works as a Physics Lab Assistant.


Though seemingly invisible to the group for some time, Cassie has begun coming out of her shell. She currently lives at home with her parents, and, though sweet, might not be knitting with a full set of needles, if you get me.


Cam’s former coworker and current object of crushdom, Logan embodies a bit more optimism than Cam. He recently left their call-center employer to pursue a dream of being a chef. Will he return? Yes. We did a flash-forward comic that shows he did.